La Bassine birth pools: Give birth in the comfort of your house

Whether it’s a couple who wish to give birth in their local maternity unit, on the delivery suite, or at their own cosy home, an awful lot of them want to do it in water. So, what’s stopping you? Well the short answer is… hardly anything at all. So, here’s the long answer if you still need convincing.

For the majority of us, being in warm water equals the epitome of relaxation. When you picture pure clear sea water warmed by the sun, baths or jacuzzis, you instantly get that relaxing feeling of serenity and relaxation, and both of these things are essential when it comes to having a water birth or at least labouring while submerged in one.

Being in hot water, is actually one of the most relaxing, yummy, pampering things you can do for yourself, and it’s always there in some form or another when you go to a local spa. The facts simply speak for themselves.

Also, although you’re told all the way through your pregnancy that you shouldn’t go into jacuzzis or similar things like that, when you sink into your birth pool for the upcoming event, you and your baby will love how tranquil and serene it really is.

You might want to treat yourself to some of new appropriate clothing for the occasion as well. And remember to get your partner to wear some trunks as well if they plan on coming in there with you. One other great thing to do is have a run through before the big day so any hiccups can be addressed then, instead of at the worst possible time.

Those of you deciding to have a home birth will often be wondering if you really need your own pool? A lot of women choose to have the water birth at home instead of the maternity unit because they want a guarantee that the water birth pool will be vacant on the day, and how can you possibly predict when all those other expectant mothers are going to start popping a little one out also? With our birth pools here at La Bassine, you can guarantee that no one else will be using your pool at all as it’s your very own. We can’t however, guarantee your other halves won’t fancy as splash around before the big day. Sorry!

Here are a few key facts about water births to leave you with:

  • Water births increase oxytocin and endorphin release and also they decrease apprehension and stress (precisely what you want during labour).
  • Your baby will be born into a comparable atmosphere to the one it has just been in for 9 months.
  • The pool supports your weight so your limbs don’t have to.
  • Water births are also believed to decrease the risk of perineal repair as the heat of the water helps to increase blood flow to the perineum.